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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Due to some technical glitch, our gracious podcast host managed to lose a huge chuck of data and as a result, we have lost all the previous shows, which is really annoying and sad at the same time.

We'll be back with more new shows in the coming weeks, so for those that are subscribed or have book-marked us... thank you for the interest and for enjoying the past efforts that our DJs have painstakingly made. We've no intention to re-upload the older shows as that would be a damn tedious procedure. For those that have downloaded those shows, you're now holding on to a commodity of sorts :)

First up is this...

...which is now ONLINE at Yukun's podcast site. This tribute was done as an effort to bring those in bereavement a sense of comfort and solace, as well as celebrating the beauty of life despite all the downfalls, trials and tribulations.