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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Thank you all!

Massive thanks to all that came!

Cheers to everyone of you for making yet another memorable PROGRESSIONS! At one point of the night, we were almost in tears to see the entire floor vibing it up! You made it worth all the work!

For those seeking the playlist, please visit Yukun's
blog. Also note his limited CD promo giveaway for the best photos from last night. Email what you think is your best shot to progressions@asia.com. We await your pictures and will announce the 3 winners here! Please, no snaps of Yukun or Boon topless. We just ate. :)

The "Underground" series will be ongoing and we will most definitely be back. We need to take a breather and perhaps look for other interesting non-club venue. Bookmark us and check back regularly for updates.


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