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Monday, July 10, 2006

Big Thank You!

Sorry this came in a few days late as I was away in Zouk KL over the weekend. That's another story altogether which you can read soon at my own blogsite. A massive thank you for the punters that came for Progressions. 3 years on and yet this one was indeed special beyond words. You had us doing encores 30 minutes after the proposed closing time. We have some amazing photos and will post them up soon.

Also a big thumbs up to the new faces that have joined our growing family of faithfuls and friends. Thank you for helping us creating that MOMENT X that we have always craved for.

Big ups to Benjamin for yet another impressing outing. And to P@t for whipping the shindig into top gear... and going on and on like the Energizer rabbit.

Stay tune for our National Day Eve special... if you remember how mad the one last year was.

- Yukun


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