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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Progressions MOS (pix and vidz) - 21 Dec 2007

A mega-huge big thank you to each and everyone of you that came down to Ministry Of Sound (Singapore) and went crazy with us. It's was downright wicked to the core!

Here are some videos and pix courtesy of Jes, our camera-person as well as a couple more from Alyssa Sidek. And for those yet to join our Facebook Group, please do so to gain access to freebies, updates and etc.

havent had such good fun for a fuckin long time!
cheers! till the next one!" - DarreN NerraD

"def one of the best nights ever!
AWESOME MAN. cheers!

ALWAYS leave me craving for more!
I'll be there for your next one for sure haha" - Ryan Lee Chin Yao


"had an awesome banging time.
Yukun never fails to amaze man!" - Tee Yu Xuan

"still the best~~" - PHDJhon

More videos in our Facebook group!


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