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Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank you!

For those that made their way down to catch the sunset with us to the melodious sounds of Salt Tank's "Eugina", we thank you for the die-hard support and for your great company on a cool Saturday evening :)

Despite the requests for the same 10 stale-as-fuck trance anthems (which we ignored), those that were otherwise more receptive in terms of being more open-minded as to what we want to dish out... generally had a wonderful time.

As usual, we had the trademark tom-foolery aplenty in all corners of Cafe Del Mar... and even backstage. But nothing quite beats the "moment X" of having beautiful sun setting in the backdrop with the great trance vibes coming from the DJs and the dancing on the sands with curious onlookers outside of the fence.

More Jez-cam snaps can be found at the Progressions Facebook Group
as well as HERE (courtesy of Stephen "Trust")

Check out the captions in the Youtube video!
More videos of the nite HERE and HERE.

Told ya that you'll be missing a lot if you ain't in Facebook :p

We've also got a couple of downloads for those that missed out on our limited promotional CD giveaways...

P@t's Anticipate 5 promo CD
Yukun's Journey Into Sound Megamix CD

... and also recorded directly into the lappy during the set :

Till we next see you again,
thank you and keep safe!


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