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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Here are some of the better ones. We wish we could show you pix of some girls snogging each other but this site is rated only PG. With that aside... you will never catch us with a serious photo... ever!

Boon : "Got sweet?"
Yukun : "Yup, hang on!"

Up till today, we have yet to figure out what those dumb knobs are for.

Yukun : "Erm, so what does this knob do then?"

Rule #1 : "Tom-Yam" and alcohol don't mix well.

Rule #2 : Screw up a mix... pull your ears!

P@t... steaming hot!

Mr Killick and gang!

Julian K, attaining nirvana and then getting really drunk.

The JK duo!


Zed + friend


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