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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Some of your emails...


Zachary emailed :
Just downloaded the latest Yukun set. I have to say, I enjoyed it immensely. Such mixes and those from your Zero Hour Show may be reason enough to get a new 5G iPod.

Dear Zac,
We are flattered. But please don't spend five Gs on an iPod!


Sarah emailed :
I study at the NUS where almost everyone else is musically retarded. Yeah, I love your parties. Really, I do. I love vodka too.

Dear Sarah,
You should focus on your studies... and send us your vodka.


Renee from Melbourne emailed :
Hi, I was on holiday in Singapore in January and I chanced upon your party. It was downright great. Sending you my love from down under (is it ok to say that?).

Dear Renee,
It's ok. We love going down... under!


Anonymous emailed :
Got any job openings? Any job at all? I'll be your roadie. I'll make coffee. Let me in!

Dear Anonymous,
First you must engage our intern in hand-to-hand combat... to the death!


Jason emailed :
I just threw away my radio. I won't miss it because I downloaded all the Zero Hour Show mixes. Keep the good shit coming!

Dear James,
We'd have taken the radio to Cash Converters instead of throwing it away.


Danny emailed :
Love your parties. You know how to make them even hotter? Hot naked women!

Dear Danny,
We may have a problem in that area. Would you settle for shaven pussy... cats?


Kev emailed :
You guys inspired me. I'm going to learn how to DJ, drink beer and hopefully meet a nice woman.
By the way, I'm 12.

Dear Kev,
Glad to be of significant value in your live and stop drinking Dad's beer...


Got any questions for us? Any advice? Recipes? Disturbing confessions? Or just plain lonely. Try our new hotline. 1800-DISMAL. No seriously, we are kidding. We can't afford operators. Email us instead. Trained squirrels are waiting to answer your emails. We promise to reply. Maybe. We promise we'll try to reply. But if you ask us out, we'll say yes. We're easy.


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